Sitemap - 2021 - Scott’s Newsletter

Zac Litwack, Partner at Savage Ventures | How to Growth Hack a Distressed Company

Kris Ruby, CEO of Ruby Media | Building an Agency, Mastering Social Media & Getting PR

Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz & Sparktoro, Investor | The Dark Side of Venture Capital and Startups

Jerome Maldonado, Entrepreneur and Investor | Real Estate, Subway & Buying Radio Shack w/ Tai Lopez

Jonathan Perelman, President of ICM Stellar Sports | How to Grow Your Digital Footprint

Peter Hopwood, Speaking Trainer, TedX Coach | How to Deliver a Story on a TedX Stage

Discord Was Built For Gamers And Took the World by Storm

Amazon: From An Online Book Store To A Trillion Dollar E-Commerce Giant

David Morgan, Founder of the Morgan Report | How to Navigate the Greatest Wealth Transfer in…

David Ciccarelli, CEO & Founder of | How to Build a Two-Sided Marketplace From Scratch

Natasha Graziano, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur | Manifestation Isn’t BS (How To Actually Do It)

Vivek Ramaswamy, Entrepreneur & Author | Wokeness & Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam

Joe Foster, Founder & CEO of Reebok | How to Build an Iconic Brand

Shawn Finder, CEO of Autoklose | Technology That 10x’s Your Sales Team’s Effectiveness

How a Game About Birds Fighting Pigs Got A $1 Billion Valuation

Kelsey Moreira, Founder & CEO of Doughp | Pivoting From B&M to eComm & Surviving Shark Tank

Terry Jones, CEO of Travelocity, Chairman of

John Hagel, Founder of Center For The Edge | Navigating The Journey Beyond Fear

Maggie Chan Jones, Founder of Tenshey | Decoding Sponsorship, The Strategy to Accelerate Careers

Freshworks’ Journey to India’s First SaaS IPO

Miko Matsumura, General Partner with Gumi Ventures | How De-Fi is Changing the World

Aaron Marino, Alpha M & Serial Entrepreneur | How to Launch Multiple Businesses Off a Personal…

How Netflix Multiplied Its Value By 500x

How to Market a Presidential Campaign With Andrew Frawley, Andrew Yang’s CMO

How to Make 7 Figures Freelancing on Fiverr With Alexandra Fasulo, Full Time Digital Nomad

How Grab Became The Super App Of Southeast Asia

The Theranos Startup Story: From $9 Billion to $0 With Criminal Charges

How to Rise & Grind and Lead With Purpose With Glenn Lundy, Motivational Speaker & Sales Expert

How to Recruit for the Most Difficult Job (Not) On Earth With Brady Pyle, Deputy CHCO at NASA

How to Live a Life of Grit and Grace With Amberly Lago, Speaker, Author and Podcaster

Why You Should Include Newsletter Sponsorships Into Your Marketing Efforts

How OnePlus Came To Enter The Top 5 Premium Smartphone Brands

How to Find Peace With Prem Rawat, Global Peace Ambassador and Speaker

How to Pivot In Your Career With Bob Richards, Executive Vice Chairman at Cushman Wakefield

How to Overcome Saturation by Going Analog With David Wachs, CEO of Handwrytten

How Grammarly Climbed Its Way to 30 Million Daily Users Worldwide

How Uber Became The World’s Most Valuable Startup

How DoorDash Stayed One Step Ahead

How To Create An 8 Figure SaaS With No Technical Background With Aurelien Amacker, CEO of

How to Grow a Twitter Audience With Sam Kelly, Founder of Inspire Network & Twitter Authority

How to Be Intentionally Curious In Your Marketing With Charlie Whyman, Host of Curiosity Key…

How to Take on Large Corporations and Win, With Arash Homampour, Top Trial Attorney With $500m+ in…

How To Get A Job In Venture Capital, With John Gannon, Founder of Going VC

How To Grow Your Brand On TikTok With Alessandro Bogliari, CEO of Influencer Marketing Factory

The War On Small Business With Carol Roth, 2x Best Selling Author, Media Personality & Board Member

Automatically Discover Leads and Trigger Workflows With LeadFuze

How to Quit Your Job & Become a Millionaire With Fiona Smith, Founder of Millennial Money Woman

How to Build a $1m+/Year Course in 1.5 Years, With Jack Butcher, Founder of Visualize Value

How Canva Democratized Design & Built A Billion Dollar Company

How To Get Featured In Forbes, Huffpost & Inc With Jay Jay, CEO of Ace of Spades PR Agency

How To Close The Biggest Deal Of Your Life, With Ryan Staley, CEO of Whale Boss ($150MM Rev Closed)

How Only Fans Was Able To Pay Creators $3 Billion Dollars

How To Sell The Way You Buy With David Priemer, CEO of Cerebral Selling

How To Future Proof Your Company (AI, Blockchain, Big Data) With Dr. Mark van Rijmenam

How Reddit Made GameStop Worth $17 Billion Dollars

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How Clubhouse Drove Sign-ups & Engagement VIA Exclusivity ($1B in 8 Months)

How To Market Bitcoin And Crypto With Aubrey Strobel, Head of Communications at Lolli

How Slack Went From An Unsuccessful Video Game To A $26 Billion Dollar Company

Why have QR codes become so popular for marketers?

How To Go From The White House Mail Room To Changing The World At Facebook With Chris Upperman

How To Use Simplicity & Transparency To Do Everything Better With Chris McChesney, WSJ #1 Best…

How to Find Fulfillment and Meaning in Your Career with Sarah Gibbons, Coach to Execs &…

The most beautiful feeling in the world is when you realize, no one is coming to save you.

How to Quit Your Job, Follow Your Passion & Build a Media Empire with Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood…

How Snowflake Grew Into a $70 Billion Dollar Company & Had the Largest Software IPO in History

Top Virtual Event Tips from CMOs

How to Go From 0–1000 Users in 30 Days

How to think > what to think.

Yoni Tserruya, CEO of Lusha

What’s the meaning of life?

Only do things that give you energy.

The motivational flywheel.

The art of arguing.

Matthew Confer, VP Strategy at Abilitie

Fail fast.

I really appreciate you.

Steve Hoffman, Chairman of Founders Space

You’re easily forgettable.

Lindsay Tjepkema, Founder & CEO of Casted

How A Business Accelerator Made $16,200 In 4 Weeks Off Cold Contacts

Robert Barber, Author of CEO for Life

Erin Blaskie, Fractional CMO | 2x Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, TedX Speaker, Forbes & WSJ…

$400k Closed in 30 Days. Cold Email is not Dead.

Bill Moses, CEO at Flying Embers | $200 Million Dollar Exit to Pepsi & Disrupting The Entire…

Danielle Brown, CMO at Points | Nontraditional Career Paths & Managing Through Covid

Nobody has talker’s block


David Belsky, CEO of FlowerHire | Recruitment & Hiring in the Cannabis Industry

Sorority Parties To 50 Million Users…. The Tinder Go-To-Market Strategy [Marketing Case Study]

Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan, The Startup Hypeman | The Importance of Storytelling in Business

Go To Where Your Customers Are: How Dell Increased Revenue By $256K A Week

Ilana Muhlstein, Entrepreneur, Author & Educator | Building A Business In a Crowded Category

Marketing Harry, CEO of Brave Social Media | Growing Instagram From 0–125k Followers In One Year

How Airbnb Hacked Craigslist For Viral Growth

Accountability Breeds Success

Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO of Srilo Capital | 4x Inc. 500 Entrepreneur with 5 Exits in 19 years

How Michael Bloomberg Sold His First Terminal

Michael Dermer, Founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur | Entrepreneurial Lessons From A Category…

The Morning Brew Sales Strategy

Your dreams do not come with an expiry date

The danger of the shiny object

Leaders of tomorrow

You don’t have to see the whole staircase

Bob Raleigh Ph.D., Founder of PathSight Predictive Science

The art of being indispensable

We need to daydream more.

Always have difficult conversations in person.

Prof Robin Hanson | Are People Really Good? Hidden Motives In Everyday Life

There’s always new ways to tell classic stories.

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

Invest, don’t rent.

Bonnie Marcus, Author of Not Done Yet | Empowering Women of Any Age to Excel in Their Career

Zach Nadler, CEO of VaynerSpeakers

Tax Free Burgers, MorningBrew & LinkedIn

Being an entrepreneur is terrifying.

Leadership happens when shit hits the fan.

Social media is a state of mind.

Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, Author of Leveling Up | How To Master The Game Of Life

Don’t have a product or an idea.

Can leadership be taught?


If we don’t shift our thinking, we get stagnant.

Stop saying yes

A blank canvas.

The definition is broad. But not confusing.

One step back, two steps forward.

Greg Steltenpohl, CEO of Califia Farms

Doing Something vs. Doing Nothing

Overnight Success Doesn’t Exist

Starting A Business? Stay AWAY From These Investors!

Great article, and breakdown of what GOOD sales looks like.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Join A Startup

Jennifer Colosimo, President at FranklinCovey

Darren Marble, Co-Founder & CEO of Crush Capital

Incremental Action, Clubhouse, Notion Bar & Lessons Learnt From Selling 1000+ Businesses

Michelle Seiler Tucker, Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist

Sam Jacobs, Founder of Revenue Collective | A Community For Sales & Marketing Executives

17 Copywriting Tips, Overcoming “No Budget” Objections & No Code Website Building

Leven Rambin, Actor | Terminator, Hunger Games, Grey’s Anatomy & Just Getting Started

The Target Market Playbook